Editorial & Sponsorship Policy

Ismar Healthcare is committed to providing credible, objective and reliable health content.

The Ismar Healthcare library of articles and videos is created by the Ismar Healthcare editorial staff in collaboration with the editorial board. All content receives a comprehensive review by Ismar Healthcare's medical team and editorial board.

When an Ismar Healthcare program or article is funded by a third party, it will be clearly labelled as content funded through an "Unrestricted Educational Grant" or "Educational Grant," or as a "Special Feature." Ismar Healthcare and its editorial board maintain full editorial control over all content created through third-party funding. This website is currently sponsored by an Unconditional Educational Grant of Gen-Probe Incorporated.

Editorial board


  • Prof. Bertrand Tombal, Brussels, Belgium
  • Prof. Hendrik Van Poppel, Leuven, Belgium

Consulting editors

  • Mr. Mark Speakman, Taunton, UK

Publishing staff

  • Antoinnet den Buitelaar
  • Bianca Meesen
  • Louis Smets

Editorial Offices

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