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What is the most important advantage of the PCA3 test?

Answer by the PCA3 Editorial Board
Prof. Jack Schalken
Prof. Bertrand Tombal
Prof. Hendrik Van Poppel

The result of the PCA3 (Prostate CAncer gene 3) test, the PCA3 Score, indicates the likelihood that you will have prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosed after examining under a microscope prostate tissue samples obtained during a prostate biopsy.
If the PCA3 Score is low, this indicates a decreased likelihood of a positive biopsy, i.e. presence of cancer cells and a biopsy may be delayed or eventually avoided.
If the PCA3 Score is high, this indicates an increased likelihood of a positive biopsy. If a biopsy is subsequently performed and it turns out that you have PCa, the PCA3 Score may be used as complementary information in the process of pre-operative staging. This will help to assess the risk of PCa progression/severity of the tumour and the need for early treatment.